Since I last posted about poetry stuff, I’ve read at the Poetry Café alongside Chris Hardy and Chrys Salt, which was a really enjoyable evening, not least because there was fantastic music too, and read another poem at The Troubadour, so I feel more than ready for my reading, again alongside Chris, this coming Sunday, at the Torriano.

Me at Poetry Cafe Feb 2018
(Photo taken by Chrys Salt)

Writing has been slow of late. I’m not sure that spring’s delayed arrival has helped – it feels like it’s never going to hang around properly at the minute. The Beast from the East #1 led to the postponement of a Poetry Business Writing Programme session and I can’t make the rescheduled date this Saturday, when the Beast from the East #2 is due, so that’s a real pity. I am though, looking forward to attending the monthly Poetry Business workshop session in Sheffield on Easter weekend.

On the reading front, I’ve been immersed in, among others, more John Berger books, and trying to precipitate spring by (re-)reading William Carlos Williams, who wrote more poems about spring than probably anybody else. I’m about to start reading some Bertolt Brecht poems, alas not in the original since my German doesn’t extend much beyond asking for a beer and a light, from a summer I (happily mis-)spent in West Berlin when I was 20.

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