Some summer haiku

Here are some of my summer haiku from over the years:

summer sales
a Caravaggio
chalked on the kerb


summer fete
the Punch and Judy man
losing his voices


behind the long pebble beach the filaments of wild fennel


all the shovelers up-ending August dusk


scissoring low
between lamb and ewe: 
the heatwave swallows


house martins jink
between seafront hotels . . .
mint choc chip

1–2: from The Regulars, 2006. 
3–4: from The Lammas Lands, 2015.
5: from Presence 52.
6: from The Haiku Calendar 2018.

9 thoughts on “Some summer haiku

  1. What a brilliant selection. Thanks for sharing these Matthew. I love them all, particularly ‘summer fete’, how the poem relies so much on that one word, ‘voices’ which is strategically placed right at the end. It’s both surprising and poignant, and reminds me of summer holidays in Lllandudno, watching the Punch and Judy show on the sea front. I think it’s hard to write a haiku about a character and imbue it with the right emotional tone; this poem, however, is exemplary.
    Julie X

    1. Many thanks, Julie. I’m very glad you like them.

      Re ‘summer fete’, although it’s almost 20 years since I wrote that, I remember that getting the ordering of the words right felt like arranging the wording of a punchline (pardon the pun) for maximum effect.

      These days, I largely prefer people’s slow-burning haiku which don’t have any obvious ‘punchline’ or ‘point’, but which, for me at least, have a deeper and longer resonance.

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