Red Door Poets

Readers of this ’ere blog may remember that I am a member of the Red Door Poets, a collective of nine poets who, in normal times, meet fortnightly behind the red door of one of the nine, Mary Mulholland, for poem workshopping and chewing of the poetic fat. In Lockdown, meetings have mutated into weekly Zoom sessions. My ability to attend has always been restricted by how busy, or not, my day job is, and my attendance since the pandemic started has been patchier than a 1970s supply-teacher’s corduroy jacket.

I’ve recently told my Red Door colleagues that I’m going to be moving up north shortly – to Rotherham, next week – so my attendance post-Covid is likely to be even more scant, even though I’ll still be coming down south regularly to see family, friends and for work, since I’m not changing jobs. This news prompted another of the Doors, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Horsley, to say that I would be a ‘country member’, which has an old-fashioned charm to it that I rather like, as John Peel used to say. (Mind you, I had been thinking more along the lines of D’Artagnan . . .)

As well as being very fine poets, Mary, Lizzie and the other Doors – Hanne Busck-Nielsen, Tom Cunliffe, Beatríz Echeverri, Katie Griffiths, Chris Hardy and Gillie Robic – have been enormously helpful to, and supportive of, me over the time that I’ve been part of the group. I’ve very much missed the lovely meetings at Mary’s house and I hope to be able to pop along occasionally, whenever I’m in that thar Big Smoke.

Consequently, I will have mixed feelings – pride, happiness and a hint of sadness – when we have two Red Door Poets readings, via Zoom, in the next few weeks.

The first reading will be between 6pm and 7pm on Sunday 28th March, and features Chris, Katie, Lizzie and Mary, plus guest readers. Free tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite. It will be a very special reading.

The second, at the same time, will be on Sunday 11th April, featuring Beatríz, Gillie and me. The EventBrite link for this will be circulated in due course.

I hope you cam make one or both of them.

4 thoughts on “Red Door Poets

  1. Matthew! I’ll miss you at the Troubadour but hope the move oop north goes well. It’s going to be a long commute for you!

    I’ll try to get to your reading … may be difficult as it’s my daughter’s birthday and there’ll be a family zoom.

    Hopefully you’ll still be blogging. Mine has been very intermittent!
    All the best
    Ali 🌼

    1. Hello Ali,

      I hope to be able to get to the Troubadour every now and then too. (I’ll be staying down though, rather than getting the last train!)

      Yes. I’ll still be blogging away every now and then. I enjoy your blog and news of your successes. Good luck with placing novel #2! I look forward to reading it when it comes out, as I’m sure it will.

      All the best,

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