Dorothea Paul, née Bird, 18.2.1933–5.5.2019

My mum passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. Here she is in, I think, the late ’Fifties.



6 thoughts on “Dorothea Paul, née Bird, 18.2.1933–5.5.2019

  1. Dear Matthew I’m so sorry for your loss.
    This morning, coincidentally I’ve just been reading some of the poems in your collection about childhood holidays. Now made even more poignant. (My mum was born in the same year and there’s a similar photo with the same houses in the background, only she’s holding a small dog.)
    Wishing you strength to get through this difficult time.
    Ali x

  2. Sorry to hear that Matthew. My Mum died 9 years ago, and it’s a tough thing to go through, even for grown up children. Take it gently.

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