OPOI review of Belinda Zhawi’s Small Inheritances

In these days of quarantine, madness and reflection, I can thoroughly recommend ordering Belinda Zhawi’s awesome pamphlet, Small Inheritances. I’m not sure my review really does it justice.

I like the pithiness of the reviews on Sphinx, and the fact that they don’t show you half the book in the way that longer reviews sometimes do. Mat Riches’ review of Ten Poems About Baking is especially cracking and fittingly flavourful.

Whenever I get to bunker down, I’ve got another one to write. Meanwhile, I’m gonna put Strange Days on . . .

2 thoughts on “OPOI review of Belinda Zhawi’s Small Inheritances

  1. Bless you, thanks for the shout out.

    I don’t know if your review does it justice…yet…but it’s made me want to buy it to find out. That’s the point of a review, no?

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