Some autumn haiku

So here we are again, in what is marginally my favourite season. I thought I’d post some of my autumn haiku to mark it.

climbing the walls
of a disused youth club:                   
flowering hops


avocet bills
scour the lagoon bed—
hurricane’s end


autumn wind
a delivery of flour
to the bakery


tucking a roll-up
behind his ear
the harvest sun


shifting currents . . .
a coot scrambles
to keep mid-river


along the pine-lined lane lopes the lengthening Hallowe’en sun


leafless park
a sausage dog defends
the penalty area


the soft song
of the poplar-tops—                                   
swans in flight


still dark down the street I whistle a tune from a western

1, 6, 8: from Presence
2, 5: from Wing Beats, 2008
3: from The Lammas Lands, 2015
4, 7: from The Regulars, 2006
9: Previously unpublished

2 thoughts on “Some autumn haiku

  1. A warming selection that has cheered me on this damp day. My favourite is probably ‘the soft song’ – beautiful, and also it feels so good in the mouth, the sounds all brushing against each other!

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