Dave Bonta’s videopoems

Through his weekly digest, Dave Bonta has done so much for poetry bloggers – me included – during the pandemic that it’s time for me to shine the light back onto Dave’s own creatvity: his videopoems are outstanding, innovative mixtures of text, video footage and music. The latest, Catching a Cranefly, is a perfect example, where his nicely understated solo renku, with subtle links and shifts, combines perfectly with beautiful imagery and an excellent, but not overpowering soundtrack. But it’s also worth finding the time to check out Dave’s previous work. All good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Dave Bonta’s videopoems

  1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you felt that worked as a renku as well as a videopoem. What a pleasant surprise to find whilst going through my blog feeds for this week’s digest!

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