Words for The Wild

I’ve long admired the Words for the Wild website, not just for the writing it features but also how stylishly it does so. I’m very happy, then, to have a poem of mine, ‘Swallowing the Toad’ (which, before you start sniggering, isn’t a euphemism) from The Evening Entertainment, on there as part of the Gilbert White feature. It includes some amazing photos of toads and a recording I made the other day of me reading the poem. As with my poems on The High Window the other day, I’m lucky and glad to be in fine company.

From my parents, I inherited a copy of both White’s Natural History of Selborne and Richard Mabey’s biography of him. Lyn and I visited White’s house in Selborne a couple of years ago. It’s well worth a visit. It’s curious, though, because half the house is given over to a display about Lawrence Oates, he of “I am just going outside and may be some time” fame. What I remember more than anything of the display was that when Oates had been posted with the Army to India, he’d taken with him his pack of hounds, but I digress.

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