Essay on bowls poems

Over on The Friday Poem, I have another essay, here, entitled Considering the Effects; on three poems about bowls (yes, really) by Stephen Payne, Pauline Stainer and Ted Walker. My thanks to editor Hilary Menos, and to HappenStance, Bloodaxe and London Magazine Editions for permissions to quote the poems in full.

The Bidding

Wednesday marked seven years since my dad died. So here’s a sonnet about him, concerning an important aspect of his retirement years, which Richard Skinner kindly published in his annual journal 14 in 2020.The BiddingWe never saw our father bidding in stuffy,Crockery-cluttered auction rooms across Surrey—      Dorking, Shere, Reigate, Haslemere—for late-GeorgianToby jugs; even so, we can … Continue reading The Bidding

On dreams, Julian Cope and John Greening

In these dreadful times of international crisis, it’s unsurprising that several people I’ve talked to lately have reported that they’ve been having really out-there dreams, worthy almost of the psychedelic effects in Ken Russell’s Altered States, whose star, William Hurt died yesterday. My elder son told me about a dream he had of giant vampiric … Continue reading On dreams, Julian Cope and John Greening