On Keith Hutson’s Baldwin’s Catholic Geese

Is it just my perception or have UK poetry reviews and criticism generally become – with the exception of one completely ludicrous, notorious and discredited outlier – kinder in the last few years? It’s within that context that I was surprised by the tenor and content of Rory Waterman’s review of Keith Hutson’s debut collection… Continue reading On Keith Hutson’s Baldwin’s Catholic Geese


I was interested to read Jonathan Jones’s Guardian review of the Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition at the National Gallery. It’s an important show, which rightly seeks to claim Gentileschi’s ‘greatness’, as Jones calls it, as a woman artist among the traditional pantheon of almost exclusively male painters. The physicality of her painting of ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’… Continue reading Judith

Some autumn haiku

So here we are again, in what is marginally my favourite season. I thought I’d post some of my autumn haiku to mark it. climbing the wallsof a disused youth club:                   flowering hops*avocet billsscour the lagoon bed—hurricane’s end*autumn winda delivery of flourto the bakery *tucking a roll-upbehind his earthe harvest sun *shifting currents . . .a… Continue reading Some autumn haiku