OPOI review of John Greening’s Europa’s Flight

My latest OPOI review is on the Sphinx website. The pamphlet I reviewed is very apposite, given all the dreadful, mendacious shenanigans of Brexit. It’s also excellent, as one would expect from the pen of John Greening. As ever, there are lots of other, engaging reviews to be savoured.Merry Christmas to everyone and anyone who’s… Continue reading OPOI review of John Greening’s Europa’s Flight

On Keith Hutson’s Baldwin’s Catholic Geese

Is it just my perception or have UK poetry reviews and criticism generally become – with the exception of one completely ludicrous, notorious and discredited outlier – kinder in the last few years? It’s within that context that I was surprised by the tenor and content of Rory Waterman’s review of Keith Hutson’s debut collection… Continue reading On Keith Hutson’s Baldwin’s Catholic Geese